Erosion Control Funding Programme

MPI provides funding through the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) to Gisborne district landholders and community groups to help reduce wide-scale erosion problems in the Gisborne district.

Gisborne district prone to severe erosion

The Gisborne district has a severe erosion problem – 26% of Gisborne district's land is susceptible to severe erosion, compared with only 8% of the rest of New Zealand.

Severe erosion causes long-term damage to the productivity of rural land. It threatens communities and rural businesses, including farms and orchards, roads and bridges. It lowers water quality by contributing large amounts of sediment to river systems, and it harms the natural and cultural values of the land and the coastal environment. This results in a negative economic impact to the district's hill country farms, infrastructure, and high-quality land that is on floodplains. Severe erosion includes large-scale gully erosion, earthflow erosion and deep-seated slumps.

The Gisborne district is susceptible to regular high-intensity weather events that cause soil erosion and downstream flooding. These weather events are likely to be more extreme and potentially more frequent.

ECFP community grants still available

The ECFP was established in 1992 because the Government considered it important to address the wide-scale erosion problems in the Gisborne district.

MPI has funding available under ECFP for community projects only.

If you are unsure if your project is eligible for community funding, or would like more information contact us:

  • email
  • phone 0800 00 83 33 and ask for the Erosion Control Funding Programme team.
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