About the One Billion Trees Programme

Why, what, and how we'll plant a billion trees by 2028. Find out about the programme and what funding and grants are available.

One billion trees by 2028

The Government has developed the One Billion Trees Programme to increase tree planting across New Zealand. The goal is to double the current planting rate to reach one billion trees planted by 2028.

The programme has the potential to deliver huge benefits for our environment, our people, our communities, and our economy.

The focus is on making it easier to plant the right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose.

We want to see trees integrated into the landscape to complement and diversify our existing land uses, rather than see large-scale land conversion to forestry. We want to see innovative ideas, research and sector development that will improve the way we plant and grow trees.

The tree planting mission

To transform New Zealand's forests in a way that improves our environment, social outcomes for our people, and economic performance in our regions.

We'll do this by:

  • protecting and improving our soil, water quality, and other natural resources
  • helping New Zealand meet its international climate change commitments
  • increasing biodiversity and enhancing natural landscapes
  • providing opportunities for Māori to maximise the potential of their land and resources
  • providing employment and training opportunities
  • building sustainable regional economic growth
  • supporting tourism and infrastructure development.

Toitū te ngahere, toitū te whenua, toitū te tangata.

— If we look after the forest, if we look after the land, the land will look after us.

Right tree, right place, right purpose

The One Billion Trees Programme isn’t just about numbers. We want to make sure the right trees are planted in the right places for the right purpose.

Right tree

We want to encourage both permanent and plantation forests made up of exotic and native tree species. The programme encourages the planting of native species to improve biodiversity.

Right place

We want to see trees integrated into the landscape to complement and diversify our existing land uses, rather than see large-scale land conversion to forestry. We also want trees planted to be suitable for the site and their intended use. To do this we need to align tree planting with local land-use and planting priorities and strategies.

Right purpose

We want to make sure tree planting is well-planned and considers the long-term maintenance and end-use of the trees. Commercial viability for production forests and protection for permanent forests should be thought through before planting. We also want to make sure plantings take local social, environmental, cultural and economic priorities into account.

How funding and grants will help us reach goals

Our aim is to plant one billion trees by 2028.

At current rates, we estimate commercial foresters will plant 500 million trees over the period.

We’re offering incentives for you to get involved in planting the other 500 million trees – the right trees in the right places for the right purposes.

There's $240 million in funding available from the One Billion Trees Fund for landowners, organisations, and community groups to plant trees and improve the way we grow and plant trees.

Direct Grants for tree planting

Partnership Funding from the One Billion Trees Fund

Matariki Tu Rākau - community funding for memorial tree planting

Crown Forestry joint ventures

Crown Forestry is also helping to achieve the one billion trees goal through commercial joint ventures with landowners to plant commercial radiata pine on their properties.

Tree planting tracker

Te Uru Rākau collects data throughout the year on the sale and distribution of exotic and native tree seedlings. We'll use this data to estimate the number of trees being planted and update this tracker regularly.

For the purpose of our tree count, we're defining a tree as a woody perennial plant species that can grow to a height of at least 5 metres.

What we class as a tree [XLSX, 61 KB]

Check back regularly to see how we're tracking to the goal of planting one billion trees by 2028.

Information about the number of trees planted as of 7 January 2020. The total is 149.174 million.

Decision papers and reports about the programme

One Billion Trees Fund: Six month monitoring and evaluation report [PDF, 627 KB]

One Billion Trees Fund: Report on policy and design recommendations [PDF, 825 KB] 

One Billion Trees Programme: Cabinet paper [PDF, 5.4 MB]

Minute of Cabinet decision [PDF, 1.4 MB]

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