One Billion Trees Programme

The Government has set a goal to plant one billion trees by 2028. The One Billion Trees Programme will deliver improved social, environmental, and economic outcomes for New Zealand.

About the One Billion Trees Programme

Led by Te Uru Rākau (Forestry New Zealand) and funded by the Provincial Growth Fund, the Programme will:

  • create employment and workforce development
  • optimise land use
  • mitigate climate change
  • support Māori values and aspirations
  • protect the environment
  • support New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions economy.

The Government has allocated $120 million through the One Billion Trees Fund for direct grants to landowners – particularly farmers – to include trees on their farms. The Fund does not support whole farm conversions and has a target of planting two-thirds natives.

Download our guide – The One Billion Trees Programme: Our future, our billion trees [PDF, 1.6 MB]

How will we meet the goal of planting 1 billion trees?

Our initial estimates suggest at least 500 million trees will be delivered through current planting rates.

The Government’s role – through Te Uru Rākau is to support increased planting of both permanent trees and plantation forests. We'll use a mix of exotic and native tree species. The plantings will create benefits for all New Zealanders.

We're focused on making it easier to plant trees by:

  • lowering any planting barriers currently faced by landowners
  • improving incentives to support the right trees, in the right place, for the right purpose. 

We will also look at how we partner with New Zealanders to achieve this goal through research, innovation, and sector development initiatives.

One billion trees – reclaiming our forest heritage (infographic) [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Why plant trees?

Trees offer a wide range of benefits to landowners, communities, catchments, regions, and New Zealand, including helping to:

  • improve land productivity
  • tackle environmental issues, like erosion
  • reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide
  • improve water quality
  • provide important habitats for a range of native species
  • enhance natural landscapes
  • provide another source of income from timber, honey, and carbon credits
  • create jobs and careers for our people.

Integrating trees into landscapes

Our work is about looking at options for landowners to optimise the use of their land by:

  • better integrating trees into the landscape
  • acknowledging the social, economic, and environmental benefits of those trees.

Ways we're encouraging tree planting

One Billion Trees Fund 

Results from this fund will include indigenous regeneration, planting for water quality or erosion control, sustainable employment, and more resilient landscapes.

Direct landowner grants

  • Providing incentives and reducing the barriers to planting.

Partnership projects

  • Supporting increased planting by promoting innovation, research, and workforce initiatives.
  • Looking at options to scale-up some native regeneration projects.

Matariki Tu Rākau

Planting living memorials to honour our New Zealand Defence Force members, past and present.

Crown Forestry 

Entering into joint ventures or leases with landowners (such as farmers) to plant commercial forestry.

Getting involved

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