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Find out more about New Zealand’s planted production forests, including area, age class and species, as well as planting and harvesting statistics.

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Updated July 2020

Net deforestation since 1990 means the forestry estate is around 73,000 hectares smaller than it was in 2000. 

Programmes like One Billion Trees and the Emissions Trading Scheme mean new forest planting is starting to increase. In 2019, there was 22,000 hectares of new planting. 

For scale, 22,000 hectares compares to 0.25% of the total area of sheep and beef land in New Zealand.

National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) surveys underway

We are surveying forest owners with more than 40 hectares of exotic forestry for the 2020 NEFD survey.

We are also surveying forest owners with less than 40 hectares under the NEFD small forest survey.

If you have not received a survey or have a question:

NZ forest surveys, statistics, and reports

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