Wood processing

Find out more about wood production and stock levels in New Zealand.

Quick Facts

For the year ending December 2015

  • New Zealand's total sawn timber production for 2015 was 4,000,000 cubic metres.
  • 45% of all lumber was exported in 2015.
  • Panel production in 2015 was 1,882,000 cubic metres.
  • Total wood pulp produced in 2015 was 1,438,000 air dry tonnes.
  • 58% of Other Paper and Paperboard was exported.

How this information is collected

MPI surveys wood processors from around New Zealand, both quarterly and annually, for their production and stock information. Each survey represents about 180 timber, panel, and pulp mills throughout New Zealand.

This production information is then compiled with export data sourced from Statistics New Zealand. Combining these 2 data sets allows MPI to calculate an estimate for the roundwood removed from New Zealand forests. This estimate for roundwood removals is then released, along with production and trade information.

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